About Us

The Substation is now one of El Paso’s most unique retail developments. El Paso’s Upper Valley and Westside have an exciting upscale village-like environment to dine and shop while enjoying an open air feel, ample parking, and a new place to meet up with friends and family. The project incorporates a vintage look and feel through uncommon historic design elements within the facades and building materials. The village is heavily landscaped and utilizes connected walk paths, a pedestrian mall area, outdoor seating areas, and unique vintage signage options.


The Substation completed the makeover of the Sunset / Doniphan corner and the creation of a new "Sunset" District for local El Pasoans to visit.

Art Pieces at The Substation

Greetings from El Paso TX

Victor Ving, 2016 Aerosol on Concrete This mural was commissioned to represent the old and new of El Paso. Letter Guide E- Hotel Paso del Norte L – Asarco Smokestacks P- Star on Franklin Mountains A – Mission (top) Trolley (bottom) S – Southwest University Park / Home of the Chihuahuas O – The University of Texas at El Paso

Rail Road Ties

Riverbend Farms, El Paso TX, 1915 These railroad ties were used on Riverbend Farms in El Paso’s Upper Valley. The farm was originally owned by Zach T. White and later the Harvey Family. It was a 675-acre cotton farm up until 1983.

Fly Wheel Belt Pulley and Shaft

Globe Mills, El Paso, TX 1910 This industrial wheel belt pulley and drive shaft was part of the grain production system that powered machinery at the Globe Mills building from elevators to grain milling equipment.

Ricardo Chavarria

Aerosol on Metal Tank Building in El Paso, TX. This drum-style cyclone filter was used to filter flour dust during production at the Globe Mills Co. Salvaged and re-purposed in 2016.

Sliding Metal Doors

Globe Mills, El Paso, TX 1910 The metal doors on the back of this building were used at the grain milling facility located across Paisano from an older El Paso Grain Mill known as Harts Mill.

Vintage Drill Press

Rick Guerrero 2017 This antique drill press manufactured by Mechanics Machinery, Rockford, Illinois belonged to Rick Guerrero, a local Metal Artisan who decided that it belonged at The Substation, where he could enjoy seeing it every day while sharing it with the community that has shared so much with him.

Galvanized Water Tank

Water Tank Co., 2016 Hanford, California This tank was originally designed to hold water but was chosen for this project to add a recognizable monument to the area that paid homage to the farmland that previously covered much of the Upper Valley in El Paso.

The Electric Cactus Flower

Acrylic Latex and Aerosol on Concrete. This Southwestern styled mandala mural adds to the area's landscape in a traditional yet modern aesthetic by using the immediate earth tones that are found in our region. The Raw mortar, Earth tones clash with bright festive colors that represent a blossoming cactus flower and the culturally rich enthusiasm of our border area. The balance between nature and the good will of the human spirit are the inspirations behind the work.

Sister City Zaraep

12'x12' oil on metal. Our landscape, a painted tapestry reflective of the sister cities and the gently woven harmony amongst the people that share this beautiful, southwestern corner. Here you will find rugged, warm hearts and sincere, humble smiles. El Paso Del Norte diversity is a color palette of fine balance and gradients that fabricate an unraveled co-dependency.

Carved Wood Beams

International Bridge, 1910 Carvings by Eduardo Rodriguez who was a carpenter at the Hotel Paso del Norte The beams used in the construction of this building were originally part of the first international bridge in El Paso that was owned by Zach T. White. The famous mule Mandy, used to pull border crossers across the bridge in a Trolley. The bridge was dismantled and the beams were salvaged for use in various projects in El Paso. They were carved by local artist Eduardo Rodriguez.

Molasses Tank

Claude Barry & Co., El Paso, TX 1910 - This tank was used to hold molasses which was then added to grain for animal feed. Salvaged and re-purposed in 2016.